The Vale of Lune Harriers

The Vale of Lune Harriers is a non-profit organisation and is funded solely by the Masters, Members and Hunt supporters. The hunt kennels are situated in the Deer Park, Hornby, which was once in grounds belonging to Hornby castle.

The hunt kennels, being the main asset of the hunt was left ‘in trust’ to the hunt (a trust is a legal arrangement where you give property to trustees so they can look after it for the benefit of a third party. In this case- the kennels were gifted to the hunt. For the benefit of the hunt) The Trustees, Masters and committee are custodians of the hunt, and are passionate that they preserve, protect and nurture the hunt through their time in office. This in turn will ensure the kennels and the hunt will be here for many generations to come and long may it continue.

The Vale of lune as we know it was formed in 1866. The hounds have been based at the Deer Park, Hornby for many years. Since 1895 in fact. In 2016 the hunt celebrated 120 years in Hornby. This is a huge milestone in our survival having diversified with the 2004 hunting act.

The Vale of Lune Harriers hunt a sporting tract of country lying on the borders of north Lancashire North Yorkshire and South Cumbria, a location where hunting in all its various forms have flourished longer perhaps than any other part of England. The Vale of Lune country is mainly grassland, old pasture with little plough and a small percentage of woodland with Moreland to the east.

Whilst the hunt country has changed given the encroachment of modern life, the same values, traditions, etiquette, and spirit remains within the hunt and its community. Hounds still meet twice a week in the hunting season which normally runs from September to the end of February. Westmorland, Cumbria, and the Lake District have long been famous for hunting. Fox, Stag, and hare have been hunted for over 250 years by farmers and landowners in this part of the world.

Since the hunting ban of wild mammals which was passed by parliament in 2004, the Vale of Lune hounds now follow a pre-laid trail and work within the law. This is only possible through the support of the farming community and landowners who allow the hunt to cross their land.