Masters of the Hunt

Masters are responsible for the overall management and conduct of the hunt.

In particular they are responsible for liaising with local farmers and landowners, overseeing hunt kennels and hounds in kennels.

The Huntsman is employed by the Masters of the hunt. The Huntsman is directly responsible to the Masters, He will meet with one or more of the masters prior to a day’s hunting to agree how the day will be conducted. The huntsman leases with the masters several times a week.

Not all the masters will necessarily attend every meet, but at least one would act as the field master on the hunting day.

The field master is in charge of the field (those people who follow on horseback); his/her prime function was to stop the field over-running the hounds, hindering the hounds while they work, prevent the field going to areas where access has not been granted and minimising damage to crops and fences.

The Vale of Lune Harriers has four Joint Masters.

Ms Melanie Brook MH 2010

Mrs Karen Kenyon MH 2015

Mr Alan Richards MH 2015

Mrs Jane Archer MH 2020

I have been with the VLH for 14 years and have had different roles such as secretary, hunt supporters chairman and most recently Master. I became Master in 2019 and I am now entering my fifth season.